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A community of supporters is hard enough to build. Why entrust it to a centralized platform? Verify your public identities and receive tips from audiences across your established channels. No need for sign-ups & registrations.

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Revolutionizing community support for Digital Creators & Open Source

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How it works

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Verify & connect your channels: domains and online identities.

With Anagolay App & a PolkadotJS you can verify ownership of your website domains and connect your accounts on Twitter or Github by proving you are who you claim to be.

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Start receiving tips for your work in IDI, DOT, or KSM.

Once verified, start receiving tips from your supporters. From the get-go, tips are enabled in IDI, DOT, or KSM; ERC20 will be integrated next.

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Get ready to license your creative works. Directly from your verified channels, on your terms.

Receiving tips is just the first step! Coming next - enabling your audience to license your works directly, just in a few clicks. You’ll be able to choose a predefined License or create your own.

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Stay in charge of what you create.
Your Art. Your Terms.