Pioneer MainNet for Anagolay Framework

A playground for developers, where they can try and test both new and existing features of Anagolay framework in an unrefined, unpredictable but realistic on-chain environment.

Succession principle

In Anagolay Framework the two main chains are delivered consecutively under the succession principle.


It’s a novel approach, yet it has tremendous potential as it brings the best of both: the web3 tech stack and content-addressability.


Once the core features of the framework are well-tested and approved by the community, Anagolay Inherits the role of the main net from Idiyanale.


Idiyanale gives all the relevant data & value to Anagolay as a kick-start capital, it will be in Anagolay genesis block.





Pass it on

IDI Token Holders will be entitled to receive a number of AGY tokens, respective to their IDI share. The % of IDI tokens holders included in the Anagolay genesis block.

After the launch of Anagolay, Idiyanale will either become a testnet for the upcoming features, or take a different path voted by the community.

IDI stakers can directly become nominated validators on Anagolay Network while keeping their role and stake on Idiyanale.